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Season 5 kicked off with Leslie-Anne Scorgie, author of Well Heeled, with tips to becoming a financially independent woman.  Each presenter through out the year, offered direction, guidance and information to focus on controlling what we can which in turn leads to greater independence.

Trudy Pelletier taught us to own our greatness and ways to empower ourselves in the the face of any circumstance.   We then shared a candid conversation with Melanie Jeannotte on how to many the risks associated with health events that might occur, whether to ourselves or those around us.

2017 started off with a look again at mastering our health and wellness with Dr. Arden Baker-Hadley.  We then shifted gears to our financial investments and how to balance the emotion that goes along with investing.  March and celebration of international women’s day was a panel of guests talking about the challenges women face as they work their up the corporate ladder.

An issue that many people face these days is aging parents and we gained many tips and ideas of where to even start the conversation.  May taught us that our social connections can actually impact our happiness.  The year concluded with a host of topics where each WINK director from a different financial discipline spoke on their top 3 key items.

What a year!  Our thanks to all those who attended each lunch and continue to make WINK successful!

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