Trudy draws guests outside of their comfort zone to explore their own contexts

In order to understand why we do what we do, we need to understand the context or the lenses that we see the world with.  Trudy’s presentation allowed attendees to explore the context in which we see one area of our life – both the known and unknown contexts.

Trudy took us through becoming self aware of one area of our choice:  Finances, Love & Romance or Health.  We then explored our known context about that choice – what do we already know, take for granted, assumptions made or decisions already existing.  Then we dug further into the unknown context – what do you cover up about yourself, what is first experience of failure, what decisions did you make and what is view of yourself?  From there, a model for Mastery:  Be, Do, Have!

If an individual understands the lenses, like sunglasses, with which they see the world, they can begin to create their own context.  And from your own created context, comes personal power!

As always, Trudy provides tremendous food for thought and ensured we all left with a commitment to take action on one thing!