Running in heels with Marlena Bova

Running in heels with Marlena Bova

with Borden Ladner Gervais LLP


We hope you can join us at our Nov. 16 luncheon to see how passionate Marlena is about advocacy and female empowerment. Her experience on the WINK board of directors supports both of these fabulous topics and she is proud to be a part of our amazing network. We’re happy to share more about this inspirational woman below…


What’s the most rewarding part of what you do?

I love learning how engineers, scientists and architects build things. (These are essentially all the jobs most lawyers wanted to be as kids but realized they couldn’t be as adults because they suck at math.) I enjoy learning their language and strategies and then figuring a way to make it resonating and convincing in my legal dialect. I love that no day or case is ever the same and I’m fortunate enough to work with and learn from the best in the biz.


What are you most excited about sharing at the Nov. 16 luncheon?

Besides making it totally clear that there is, in fact, NO MANUAL on how to raise a child (it’s true: they don’t give you one at the hospital as a reward post-delivery!) I wanted to share some of my learning about money and saving for our daughter’s future that I found helpful to discuss with my husband before she arrived. I’ll also talk about which ones to avoid discussing when sleep deprived in the first six weeks of her life…


Do you have any hidden talents?

My hidden talent is being able to touch my nose with my tongue. My not-so-hidden talent is my fabulous taste in shoes, as confirmed by Visa.


What’s your favourite weekend activity?

This is a tough one! It’s a tie between window shopping with Ryan with good coffee and a pizza at our favourite lunch spot, or taking my dog and daughter on a walk or hike at the lake or mountains. Teaching a poodle-cross to swim this summer was a riot!


What do you miss most about being five years old?

That nearly every instance involves seeing or learning something FORTHEVERYFIRSTTIMEOHMYGODDIDYOUSEETHAT??! Those moments are fleeting now, and often even ignored or overlooked. I miss the novelty of the otherwise mundane but I’m already starting to see it happen through my daughter’s eyes.