Speakers Spotlight: Sharon Gray

My motto is “Make Informed Decisions”! Many women I have worked with over the last 25 years have put their faith in the notion that “It will work out.” Sometimes things do – but often things do not work out as originally planned! People tend to invest little energy into understanding the impact important life decisions may have on a person’s financial future, particularly in the longer term. What I have seen is life events do happen, often quickly, and most times are completely out of a person’s control – and often have significant financial fallout. Being proactive and planning for the “what ifs” is emplowering. I am proud to be part of the WINK Speakers Series, whose key goal is to educate women. Only through education can women make informed choices that will allow them to truly take control of their financial future.

Sharon Gray, CA CBV, is a Partner in Trek Financial and Valuation Advisors Ltd., a boutique-consulting firm that specializes in preparing business valuations, financial damages and financial consulting. About a third of Sharon’s practice involves assisting on matrimonial matters where the parties require a valuation of their business interests or quantification of income for support purposes, information that is often needed to settle a matrimonial matter. She also performs valuations for corporate matters. Sharon also advises and assists business owners in maximizing the selling price of their company through proper planning and business improvements prior to sale.

Sharon Gray

Chartered Accountant (CA)
Chartered Business Valuator (CBV)


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