Speakers Spotlight: Trudy Pelletier

Trudy’s big game in life is to connect people to their personal power for a new future. She is the founder and president of Simply More Inc. and author of “Take a Walk on the Inside”. Trudy is a passionate coach and facilitator working with enterprising family leaders to navigate their most challenging and charged conflicts. Most often these conflicts result from unresolved resentments, hurt and the inability to talk through tough issues.
Trudy, president of Simply More Inc., has broad experience in leadership and communication. Trudy’s core work confronts the inherent patterns of being human. Inherently, human beings become patterned in our ways of showing up and interacting with others. Trudy focuses on personal mastery to expand leadership capacity — what it is and what it takes to be a self-directed leader. This creates the pathway for others to step into their own leadership increasing accountability and performance results. She calls greatness forward as she provokes participants to expand their emotional intelligence enriching the quality of their life.
Trudy enables people to see themselves differently by exploring and uncovering their limiting perceptions, assumptions and beliefs. She empowers people to take on the real challenges facilitating action whether working one-on-one, with small groups or large audiences. Trudy inspires new understanding for people to recognize and honor all aspects of human nature in themselves and in other people. Her thought provoking questions lead into a depth of self-discovery that increases awareness for the self and others. Clarity and action are the results which connect people to the power to transform their life to Be More – Do More – Have More.
Trudy has experience as a keynote speaker, trainer, facilitator, emcee and moderator. She is licensed to lead, deliver, and facilitate numerous programs. Trudy is a facilitator of Meaningful Dialogue™ who designs custom learning events to build high performing teams, resolve conflicts and talk through tough issues.

Trudy Pelletier

Communication Specialist
Certified Executive Coach (CEC)
Certified in Emotional Intelligence
Author of “Take a Walk on the Inside”

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